Wayfinding Signage

Street & Wayfinding Directional Signs & Devices

For Easier Navigation

Wayfinding signs and devices direct pedestrians and drivers out of harm’s way and toward where they need to be. Signs can be placed alongside roads, walkways, or any pedestrian-accessible public space. Using durable and straightforward signs, Pavemax can install and replace all temporary and permanent signage on your project, including any road safety, work zone, construction, and directional signs. For optimal results, we utilize only the best equipment and materials available for wayfinding signage while still retaining our competitive pricing and ADA-compliance commitment.

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Why Signage Matters

ADA Compliant Signage

Law Compliance

Before a business can obtain a certificate of occupancy and start operating, it must install all the necessary signage. Violators could face expensive legal fees and shutdown. In addition, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that all construction sites feature traffic control and safety hazard signage to protect workers.

Safety Signage

Increased Safety

Both public and private properties without adequate signage can cause serious safety hazards and accidents, which could even result in a lawsuit. To prevent this, we can help you save time and money by surveying your project and installing all the necessary road safety, construction, and work zone signs following the latest state and federal regulations.

Wayfinding Pavement Markings

Improved Traffic Flow

Pedestrians, drivers, customers, and workers all rely on a legible and straightforward wayfinding system to find their way around a property. A proper wayfinding system can improve the foot and vehicle traffic flow at your property, increasing your chances to get new customers for businesses and provide them with a more positive, hassle-free experience.

Types Of Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding signage comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and materials, depending on the environment and purpose. For your convenience, Pavemax can install and replace most directional and safety signs, including any of the following.

  • Construction Site Signs
  • Work Zone Signs
  • Traffic Control Signs
  • Parking Signs
  • Warning Signs
  • Regulatory Signs
  • Banners
  • Decals
  • Magnetic Signs
  • Permanent Street Signs
  • Permanent Highway Signs
  • Permanent Interstate Signs
  • Electronic Traffic-Control Devices
  • Barricades
  • Plastic Corrugated Signs
  • Traffic Channelizing Devices
  • Portable Electronic Reader Boards
  • Fencing For Special Events

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Types Of Wayfinding Signage