Boost Surface Condition

Boost Surface Condition Fast Repair, Lasting Results

Unless quickly repaired, potholes and other exposed portions of asphalt can cause further decline in the surface and even subgrade. Asphalt patching fills these areas and returns the asphalt to a safe and stable surface for everyone. Many companies use our asphalt patching service as part of regular maintenance to extend the life of asphalt surfaces. Pavemax uses several patching techniques for asphalt repair to potholes and other exposures with long-lasting results. If you need asphalt patching to restore the look of your business, contact the asphalt contractors at Pavemax.

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Asphalt Patching Fits Your Needs

Cut and Patch

Cut & Patch

Pavemax cuts around the damaged area, usually a one-foot perimeter, and removes the asphalt. New asphalt is added, creating a patch, level with the existing surface.

Mill and Patch

Mill & Patch

Asphalt is milled until the defective area is removed. An aggregate of 1/4" or 3/8" helps tie the new asphalt to the existing asphalt and reduces the chance of the asphalt patch raveling.

Infrared Heating

Infrared Heating

Using a truck-mounted heater, infrared rays heat the asphalt to a depth of two to three inches. After scarification, an aggregate rejuvenator or new asphalt is added before compaction.

How Asphalt Patching Works

Pavemax assesses the damaged asphalt to determine which type of patching is best for the situation. Our crew cleans the exposed area and if necessary, fix the asphalt foundation. Then, new asphalt is poured into the area, compacted, and a sealcoat applied. After the patch cures, asphalt sealcoating is essential to protect the new asphalt and prevent water infiltration and premature wearing again. Benefits of asphalt patching include:

  • Reduced downtime for traffic access & parking needs.
  • Patching blends into existing asphalt for uniform appearance.
  • Improved safety for pedestrians & vehicles.
  • Extend the functional lifespan of the existing asphalt surface.
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