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Our Florida asphalt contractors leverage expertise within the paving and asphalt industry to increase roadway safety both for drivers and pedestrians through speed humps installation and maintenance services. Speed humps are a traffic-calming measure which serve to slow traffic to 10 mph–20 mph on residential and commercial roadways. Pavemax uses several techniques to create and implement speed humps in accordance with the usage and functionality needs of roads. If you require traffic safety devices around your property, contact our paving contractors.

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Benefits Of Florida Speed Humps

Speed Hump To Reduce Speeding

Reduced Speeding

Reduce the occurrence of motor vehicle speeding while maintaining continuous traffic flow with speed humps. Speed humps can span parking lot lanes or cover an entire roadway.

Speed Hump For Safety Enhancement

Improved Road Safety

Lower speeds result in fewer injuries to motorists and pedestrians as well as fewer traffic disruptions. And embedded tape with high-reflective qualities warn drivers of its presence both day and night.

Speed Hump In Compliance With Safety Regulations

Regulation Compliance

Pavemax works within regulatory requirements within the State of Florida to ensure speed humps are installed in complete compliance, including placement of speed humps.

Speed Humps Installation Process

To sustain the effect of speed reduction, speed humps should be installed in a series and are best-placed mid-intersection. Speed hump design comprises interlocking units of recycled materials, new asphalt, or recycled asphalt to ensure ideal construction, placement, and functionality. The process of installing speed humpsspeed bumps, and other traffic-safety devices begins with a deep clean of the existing asphalt upon which the speed humps will be placed. Pavemax paving contractors rid the surface of loose particles and debris with power washers and scrubbing devices. Once dried, the surface is measured and marked with chalk for construction. Key features of Pavemax speed humps include the following:

  • Quick and easy to install and maintain.
  • Highly visible with bright, reflective tape.
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  • Customizable sizing and taping for tailored results.
  • Effective measure to slow cars and increase safety.
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