Crack Repair

Effective Asphalt Repair Two Methods For Smooth Results

Asphalt crack repair is a cost-effective asphalt repair that helps extend the lifespan of many paved surfaces. Repeated exposure to sun, heat, water, and traffic along with age cause the binders to break down, creating fractures and gaps as the pavement and subbase shift. When moisture enters a break in the surface, the asphalt and subbase are damaged even more. Paving companies such as Pavemax use the hot-pour or cold-pour method for crack repair, depending on which method is best for the specific situation. It’s also performed before any paving overlay work to prevent fissures from returning in the new layer.

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Repair Methods for Cracks in Asphalt

Quick and Easy

Quick & Easy

Crack repair is part of routine maintenance for many paved surfaces. It’s a quick and effective service that helps companies avoid costly full repavement projects.

Hot Pour Method

Hot-Pour Method

An asphalt-based filler is heated to liquid state and poured into a crack. As it cools, the filler becomes pliable and rubber-like, allowing it to contract and expand with temperature changes.

Cold Pour Method

Cold-Pour Method

Cold-pour fillers can be water- or asphalt-based and dries to an inflexible solid inside the crack. The cold-pour method is often used for short-term emergency repairs or for low activity pavement.

Asphalt Crack Repair Process

The asphalt repair process starts with a thorough cleaning. Pavemax uses high volume air, wire brooms, a heat torch, and other tools to make sure the gap is clean. If the hot-pour method is used, we use a specially designed applicator to heat the filler then precisely apply it to the affected area. Because the hot-pour method relies on heat control, our crew takes great care to watch filler temperature as it’s applied. For cold-pour application, the filler is poured into the crack and allowed to dry and harden. Benefits of asphalt crack repair include:

  • Crack repairs plus sealcoating can double the asphalt lifespan.
  • Protects the subbase & subgrade from weakening water penetration.
  • Provides an even surface for pedestrians & vehicles.
  • Can be done at same time as pavement overlay.
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Effective Crack Repair